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Prof. Dr. Uwe Cantner

Welcome, Willkommen.

We teach and we do research in the broad field of economic change with a focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, industrial dynamics and socio-economic networks.

Dr. Simone Vannuccini


Since 6/2/18 I moved to SPRU – University of Sussex as Lecturer in the Economics of Innovation (http://www.sussex.ac.uk/spru/people/lists/person/443595). My uni-jena email remains active.


Important notifications for the students


NEWS: the Microeconomics Chair has a new procedure to apply for Master Theses. Check it out here in our brand-new Theses&Guidelines page.


Topics of interest for Master Theses:

– Economic (and institutional/legal) aspects of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence

– Machine learning applied to economic predictions

– Economic aspects of digitalization processes

– Long waves and general purpose technologies: modeling and/or empirical studies

– Studies/Dynamics of industries displaying peculiar economic behaviors: two/multi-sided markets, platforms, linked payoffs

– Innovation with pervasive potentials introduced because of digital transformations: e.g. blockchain

– Industrial dynamics and organization of digital industries: Music, Video/TV/streaming

– Markets with no markets: repugnant transactions, etc.

– Technology gap models in the era of global value chains / urbanization and innovation / labor flows and innovation

– Secular stagnation, productivity slowdown

– Industrial policies in the XXI century

– Airport Economics

– Network incentives (e.g. in the adoption of consumer styles/sustainability/ firms behaviors in clusters)

How-to: asking for a Reference letter - requests failing to comply will not be considered

1. Email (simone.vannuccini@uni-jena.de) your request at least two weeks before the deadline for the letter.

2. Send a separate email for each letter you need.

3. In the email subject line mention both the purpose of the letter (e.g. Ph.D. application, Jena) and the date/deadline for submission

4. To each email, attach your current CV and some information on the position/job you are applying to

5. Provide your average mark and the marks in the courses provided by myself or by the Chair of Microeconomics.


General rule for email writing:



  • FSU Jena, Chair of Microeconomics, Department of Economics and Business Administration, Carl-Zeiss-Straße 3, D-07743 Jena
  • Office: 5.22
  • Phone: +49 (0) 3641-9 43203
  • Mail: simone.vannuccini[at]uni-jena.de

Main fields of Research and Interest

  • Industrial dynamics / Industrial Organization / Industrial Policy
  • Economics of Innovation / Neo-Schumpeterian and Evolutionary Economics
  • Growth Theory
  • Complexity theory


  • Twitter: @svannuccini
  • ResearchGate: researchgate.net/profile/Simone_Vannuccini/
  • Academia.edu: uni-jena.academia.edu/SimoneVannuccini
  • Facebook: facebook.com/simonevannuccini

Curriculum Vitae

2018-currentLecturer in the Economics of Innovation, SPRU, University of Sussex
2012-2018/2Assistant to the Chair of Prof. Dr. Uwe Cantner (Lehrstuhl für Mikoökonomik).
2010-2012Ph.D candidate at Graduate College ‘The Economics of Innovative Change’, Graduate School ‘Human Behaviour in Social and Economic Change’, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena and Max Planck Institute of Economics, Jena
2008-2010MA in Advanced Development Economics, University of Florence
2004-2008BA in Economic Development and International Cooperation, University of Florence.